CSR plc MEDIA Drivers Download

In our share libs contains the list of CSR plc MEDIA drivers available for download. To download the proper driver by vender name.

If not found in our garage driver you need, please contact us, we will help you in time, and updates to our website.

All Devices

Realtek High Definition Audio High Definition Audio Device Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager Proxy Bluetooth Stereo Audio AV890 (Mono Audio) AV890 (Stereo Audio) Bluetooth Hands-free Audio Device LG HBS700 (Stereo Audio) LG HBS700 (Mono Audio) Motorola H350 (Mono Audio) Smart Wireless Headset pro (Mono Audio) Smart Wireless Headset pro (Stereo Audio) SX-907C (Mono Audio) SX-907C (Stereo Audio) Периферийное устройство Bluetooth JAMBOX by Jawbone (Mono Audio) JAMBOX by Jawbone (Stereo Audio) AT-PHA05BT (Mono Audio) AT-PHA05BT (Stereo Audio) DELL-PC (Mono Audio) DELL-PC (Stereo Audio) NOKIA BH-503 (Mono Audio) NOKIA BH-503 (Stereo Audio) DR-BT160AS (Stereo Audio) DR-BT160AS (Mono Audio) BSHSBE08 (Mono Audio) MW600 (Mono Audio) MW600 (Stereo Audio) BRITZ V-01 (Stereo Audio) Nanfone T11S (Stereo Audio) Nanfone T11S (Mono Audio) speaker (Stereo Audio) Bluetoothハンズフリー・オーディオ・デバイス Bluetoothステレオ・オーディオ BSHSBE01 (Mono Audio) Creative WP-250 Headset (Mono Audio) Creative WP-250 Headset (Stereo Audio) Hi-FiD (Mono Audio) Hi-FiD (Stereo Audio) PLT_M155 (Stereo Audio) PLT_M155 (Mono Audio) BT300 (Stereo Audio) BT300 (Mono Audio) XVTHB100 (Stereo Audio) XVTHB100 (Mono Audio) PC-BILGISAYAR (Mono Audio) PC-BILGISAYAR (Stereo Audio) WELT-07C (Stereo Audio) WELT-07C (Mono Audio) Motorola S9 (Stereo Audio) Motorola S9 (Mono Audio) DRC-BT60 (Mono Audio) DRC-BT60 (Stereo Audio) LBT-HS500 (Mono Audio) DRC-BT30 (Mono Audio) DRC-BT30 (Stereo Audio) S9 (Mono Audio) S9 (Stereo Audio) GT-I9300 (Stereo Audio) Godfather (Stereo Audio) TURTLE BEACH PX5 (Stereo Audio) TURTLE BEACH PX5 (Mono Audio) MT105 (Mono Audio) Bluetooth Speaker (Stereo Audio) HBH-DS200 (Mono Audio) HBH-DS200 (Stereo Audio) BH503 (Mono Audio) BH503 (Stereo Audio) Dispositivo periférico Bluetooth Dispositivo de áudio viva-voz Bluetooth Áudio estéreo Bluetooth Roby-PC (Mono Audio) Roby-PC (Stereo Audio) XTM-1200 (Mono Audio) XTM-1200 (Stereo Audio) BSSP09B (Stereo Audio) BSSP09B (Mono Audio) BSHSBE04 (Mono Audio) Jabra HALO2 v5.20.0 (Stereo Audio) Jabra HALO2 v5.20.0 (Mono Audio) LBT-HP03 (Stereo Audio) LBT-HP03 (Mono Audio) JABRA EASYGO (Mono Audio) Стереоустройство с технологией Bluetooth Головная гарнитура с технологией Bluetooth â–پ▂▃▅▆▇م€‘101م€گ▇▆▅▃▂â–پ (Stereo Audio) B-602 (Stereo Audio) B-602 (Mono Audio) Motorola TX500 (Mono Audio) SIRAGON-PC (Stereo Audio) SIRAGON-PC (Mono Audio) SPEED_XP (Stereo Audio) Motorola S9-HD (Stereo Audio) Motorola S9-HD (Mono Audio) Byte-DM5710BT (Stereo Audio) DRC-BT15 (Mono Audio) DRC-BT15 (Stereo Audio) LBT-AR120 (Stereo Audio) LBT-AR120 (Mono Audio) LBT-AR200C2 (Mono Audio) LBT-AR200C2 (Stereo Audio) RDP-NWX500B (Stereo Audio) BH-503 (Stereo Audio) BH-503 (Mono Audio) BTH220 (Stereo Audio) BTH220 (Mono Audio) VAI0 (Stereo Audio) LB601 (Stereo Audio) LB601 (Mono Audio) Samsung WEP301 (Mono Audio) MUSES 802 (Mono Audio) MUSES 802 (Stereo Audio) PHILIPS AS851 (Stereo Audio) LG HBM-260 (Mono Audio) LG HBM-260 (Stereo Audio) HBH-35 (Mono Audio) DR-BT100CX (Stereo Audio) DR-BT100CX (Mono Audio) Stereo SBT03 (Stereo Audio) SBT03 (Mono Audio) iDM12 (Stereo Audio) TomTom GO (Mono Audio) ASUS-CIKAYU (Stereo Audio) ASUS-CIKAYU (Mono Audio) PS3 EX-01 (Mono Audio) BeeWi BBH100 (Mono Audio) BeeWi BBH100 (Stereo Audio) MASH_TM2 (Mono Audio) MASH_TM2 (Stereo Audio) BAZYBAZILAH-HP (Stereo Audio) BAZYBAZILAH-HP (Mono Audio) BH105 (Mono Audio) MOQSLAPTOP-PC (Mono Audio) MOQSLAPTOP-PC (Stereo Audio) LBT-HPS02 (Mono Audio) LBT-HPS02 (Stereo Audio) DR-BT140Q (Mono Audio) DR-BT140Q (Stereo Audio) MPX2200R (Stereo Audio) MPX2200R (Mono Audio) BI0000351 (Stereo Audio) BI0000351 (Mono Audio) GPS system (Stereo Audio) GPS system (Mono Audio) MICROSOF-DAD692 (Audio Sink) WHB-15 (Stereo Audio) WHB-15 (Mono Audio) Aleraniere.Nokia (Stereo Audio) i.onik Headset (Mono Audio) i.onik Headset (Stereo Audio) DELL BH200 (Mono Audio) PTM-BEM6 (Stereo Audio) Mini Boombox (Mono Audio) DELL BH200 (Stereo Audio) Mini Boombox (Stereo Audio) PTM-BEM6 (Mono Audio) DR-BT101 (Mono Audio) DR-BT101 (Stereo Audio) DR-BT25NX (Mono Audio) DR-BT25NX (Stereo Audio) MI_G (Stereo Audio) BH20A (Mono Audio) BH20A (Stereo Audio) LBT-HP120C2 (Stereo Audio) LBT-HP120C2 (Mono Audio) ASUS52JE (Mono Audio) ASUS52JE (Stereo Audio) bazoo Stereo Headset (Mono Audio) bazoo Stereo Headset (Stereo Audio) 610 (Stereo Audio) 610 (Mono Audio) GÃœNTHER-PC (Mono Audio) GÃœNTHER-PC (Stereo Audio) We.Com H-580 (Mono Audio) We.Com H-580 (Stereo Audio) BTS-PHF38 (Mono Audio) BTS-PHF38 (Stereo Audio) MH100 (Stereo Audio) MH100 (Mono Audio) BRADLEYSTONE-UB (Stereo Audio) HBH-PV708 (Mono Audio) DELTON X10 (Mono Audio) DR-BT21G (Mono Audio) DR-BT21G (Stereo Audio) HT-CT260 (Stereo Audio) D.LAB DBH-501 (Mono Audio) D.LAB DBH-501 (Stereo Audio) Jabra Halo (Stereo Audio) Jabra Halo (Mono Audio) OVC3860 (Mono Audio) OVC3860 (Stereo Audio) NOEMIO (Mono Audio) NOEMIO (Stereo Audio) AF-MCB02 (Stereo Audio) JHB6836 (Mono Audio) JHB6836 (Stereo Audio) BSHSBE07 (Mono Audio) BSHSBE07 (Stereo Audio) GRUPOCEVEL (Mono Audio) GRUPOCEVEL (Stereo Audio) S4100 (Mono Audio) S4100 (Stereo Audio) VATSHU (Mono Audio) LBT-HP05 (Mono Audio) LBT-HP05 (Stereo Audio) HBH-PV740 (Mono Audio) 9A4AE0465A6D4A2 (Stereo Audio) BMH-B02S/SV (Mono Audio) Motorola S305 (Stereo Audio) Motorola S305 (Mono Audio) NOORI-PC (Stereo Audio) NOORI-PC (Mono Audio) T9+ (Mono Audio) TC-PC (Mono Audio) TC-PC (Stereo Audio) JANNO-PC (Stereo Audio) TECHNO_T360 (Mono Audio) T909S (Mono Audio) BT2035 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-102 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-109 (Mono Audio) ROHAN (Mono Audio) H800 Logitech Headset (Mono Audio) H800 Logitech Headset (Stereo Audio) NUV2882 (Mono Audio) NUV2882 (Stereo Audio) Bluetooth-Freisprech-Audiogerät ZiiSound T6 (Stereo Audio) Motorola H375 (Mono Audio) WIN-GHM8U9DH0GM (Stereo Audio) WIN-GHM8U9DH0GM (Mono Audio) Rapoo H6060 (Stereo Audio) Rapoo H6060 (Mono Audio) HANNA-HP (Stereo Audio) HANNA-HP (Mono Audio) Bluetooth 免提音頻裝置 Rapoo H6020 (Mono Audio) Bluetooth 身歷聲音頻 Rapoo H6020 (Stereo Audio) Nokia BH-215 (Mono Audio) Belkin C46 (Stereo Audio) LG HBM-900 (Mono Audio) R-M-PC (Stereo Audio) R-M-PC (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-214 (Stereo Audio) Nokia BH-214 (Mono Audio) BTT-1 (Stereo Audio) BTT-1 (Mono Audio) 390Plantronics (Mono Audio) CALMS-PC (Stereo Audio) Périphérique audio Bluetooth mains libres VAIO (Stereo Audio) VAIO (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-609 (Mono Audio) Handsfree Bluetooth-audio-apparaat Bluetooth-stereo-audio ISD-HISHAM-A (Stereo Audio) WIN-BKLQQ3MJ7Q0 (Stereo Audio) Sennheiser MM450 (Mono Audio) Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker (Stereo Audio) Sennheiser MM450 (Stereo Audio) APX3300 (Mono Audio) APX3300 (Stereo Audio) Motorola S605 (Stereo Audio) Motorola S605 (Mono Audio) SUNITA-VAIO (Stereo Audio) SUNITA-VAIO (Mono Audio) HOME-PC (Mono Audio) HOME-PC (Stereo Audio) ВАЛЕНТИНА-РџРљ (Stereo Audio) Accord (Mono Audio) Accord (Stereo Audio) Nokia C3-01.5 (Stereo Audio) Vasileios-PC (Stereo Audio) Vasileios-PC (Mono Audio) iBall-BT36 (Mono Audio) iBall-BT36 (Stereo Audio) HS106 (Mono Audio) HS106 (Stereo Audio) Nokia BH-505 (Mono Audio) BSA203 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-505 (Stereo Audio) BSA203 (Stereo Audio) 1234-PC (Stereo Audio) 1234-PC (Mono Audio) IBT-912 (Mono Audio) IBT-912 (Stereo Audio) HM3500 (Stereo Audio) HM3500 (Mono Audio) 9xxBackBeat (Stereo Audio) 9xxBackBeat (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-219 (Mono Audio) DVH-8480AVBT (Mono Audio) DVH-8480AVBT (Stereo Audio) Nokia 6500s-Jole (Stereo Audio) Sladja (Stereo Audio) GT-S5570 (Stereo Audio) HM1100 (Mono Audio) MM-BTSH9 (Stereo Audio) MM-BTSH9 (Mono Audio) LBT-HS05 (Mono Audio) Creative D100 (Stereo Audio) LG MSB-100 (Mono Audio) LG MSB-100 (Stereo Audio) BT-H31 (Mono Audio) BT-H31 (Stereo Audio) P311 (Stereo Audio) P311 (Mono Audio) BZH 780 (Mono Audio) BZH 780 (Stereo Audio) WRITTIKA-HP (Stereo Audio) WRITTIKA-HP (Mono Audio) Motorola HS810 (Mono Audio) proHarmony.1+ (Stereo Audio) proHarmony.1+ (Mono Audio) USER-PC (Stereo Audio) SRS-BTX300 (Stereo Audio) Nokia BH-905 (Mono Audio) SRS-BTX300 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-905 (Stereo Audio) JBL Charge (Stereo Audio) nuvi 2x5 #3523040855 (Mono Audio) SHARANAGOPAL-PC (Stereo Audio) SHARANAGOPAL-PC (Mono Audio) Byte-DM5710BT (Mono Audio) ANDRZEJ (Stereo Audio) Urządzenie audio Bluetooth obsługiwane bez użycia rąk ANDRZEJ (Mono Audio) H (Stereo Audio) H (Mono Audio) Bluetooth-music (Mono Audio) Bluetooth-music (Stereo Audio) 7DAYHEADBAND (Mono Audio) JABRA EASYCALL (Stereo Audio) JABRA EASYCALL (Mono Audio) MINI HEADPHONE (Mono Audio) MINI HEADPHONE (Stereo Audio) Inateck BP2001 (Mono Audio) Inateck BP2001 (Stereo Audio) HMDX JAM (Stereo Audio) BT-501 (Mono Audio) BT-501 (Stereo Audio) JABRA EASYVOICE (Mono Audio) JABRA EASYVOICE (Stereo Audio) LUXA2 Lavi L (Stereo Audio) LUXA2 Lavi L (Mono Audio) H163 (Stereo Audio) HT1+ (Stereo Audio) HT1+ (Mono Audio) Bluetooth 핸즈프리 오디오 장치 Bluetooth 스테리오 오디오 DNS KP-BT300 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-105 (Mono Audio) iMM377 (Mono Audio) B703/HN-B701 (Mono Audio) B703/HN-B701 (Stereo Audio) Audio stéréo Bluetooth HK Onyx Studio (Stereo Audio) T909S (Stereo Audio) LG HBS-730 (Mono Audio) LG HBS-730 (Stereo Audio) LUXA2 Lavi L (Mono Audio) KEB-EH030 (Mono Audio) nuvi 7 #3462080606 (Mono Audio) 2014-PC (Stereo Audio) 2014-PC (Mono Audio) mini503 (Mono Audio) mini503 (Stereo Audio) HM1200 (Mono Audio) BH-02 (Stereo Audio) B390 (Mono Audio) BH-02 (Mono Audio) B390 (Stereo Audio) JBL Micro Wireless (Stereo Audio) KVASS (Mono Audio) KVASS (Stereo Audio) [Samsung] W_Audio B424F3 (Stereo Audio) PLT_BBTGO (Mono Audio) AUD-783 (Stereo Audio) AUD-783 (Mono Audio) Avantree Jogger Pro (Mono Audio) Avantree Jogger Pro (Stereo Audio) Micro Wireless (Mono Audio) Micro Wireless (Stereo Audio) Philips SHB5500 (Mono Audio) 515 (Mono Audio) 515 (Stereo Audio) SANWA 400-HS030 (Stereo Audio) SANWA 400-HS030 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-212 (Mono Audio) R7 (Stereo Audio) MBH20 (Mono Audio) R7 (Mono Audio) NDZ-03-GA (Stereo Audio) Bluetooth-randapparaat TCE6825 (Stereo Audio) TCE6825 (Mono Audio) Creative WP-300 Headphones (Stereo Audio) SF-LY001A (Stereo Audio) DNS KP-BT300 (Stereo Audio) Bluetooth (Mono Audio) Bluetooth (Stereo Audio) Bluetooth 周辺デバイス LBT-PAR400 (Mono Audio) Bluetooth 外围设备 Vivitar Speaker (Mono Audio) Vivitar Speaker (Stereo Audio) S-SPEAKER (Stereo Audio) S-SPEAKER (Mono Audio) BT HEADSET (Mono Audio) [HTS]H5500W (Stereo Audio) BUSH CBAR6BT (Stereo Audio) LG HBS900 (Mono Audio) LG HBS900 (Stereo Audio) BH320 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-111 (Mono Audio) Nokia BH-111 (Stereo Audio) YP-702 (Mono Audio) YP-702 (Stereo Audio) SBH20 (Stereo Audio) PLT_BBTGO2 (Stereo Audio) PLT_BBTGO2 (Mono Audio) ZLT_B02 (Stereo Audio) CLLSPK20BT (Stereo Audio) ZLT_B02 (Mono Audio) Steroofoniczne urządzenie audio Bluetoot JBL Charge 2 (Stereo Audio) JBL Charge 2 (Mono Audio) Bluedio (Mono Audio) Philips SB5200 (Mono Audio) Philips SB5200 (Stereo Audio) JABRA BT2046 (Mono Audio) ATH-S700BT (Mono Audio) ATH-S700BT (Stereo Audio) Bluedio (Stereo Audio) JBL Clip (Mono Audio) JBL Clip (Stereo Audio) RV-NB100 (Stereo Audio) PBHS1 (Stereo Audio) PBHS1 (Mono Audio) NDZ-03-GA (Mono Audio) ZM-HPS10BT (Mono Audio) SVEN AP-B770MV (Mono Audio) SBH20 (Mono Audio) MF-200 (Stereo Audio) JBL E40BT (Mono Audio) JBL E40BT (Stereo Audio) lenovo_RC (Mono Audio) HBS-730 (Mono Audio) HBS-730 (Stereo Audio) Q8-851S (Stereo Audio) Q8-851S (Mono Audio) Bluetooth music (Mono Audio) Bluetooth music (Stereo Audio) JBL E50BT (Stereo Audio) JBL E50BT (Mono Audio) Philips SHB5500 (Stereo Audio) BT-SPEAKER (Mono Audio) BT-SPEAKER (Stereo Audio) SPORT-S9 (Mono Audio) BT (Mono Audio) SOUL RUN FREE PRO (Mono Audio) SOUL RUN FREE PRO (Stereo Audio) SBH80 (Stereo Audio) BT_DONGLE (Mono Audio) BT_DONGLE (Stereo Audio) SSB 36 A1 (Stereo Audio) PLT_M50 (Mono Audio) SVEN AP-B770MV (Stereo Audio) [Samsung] Soundbar (Stereo Audio) NOKIA Lumia 610 (Stereo Audio) Creative WP-450 Headset (Stereo Audio) Creative WP-450 Headset (Mono Audio) CHBT06 (Stereo Audio) CHBT06 (Mono Audio) BT800 (Stereo Audio) BT800 (Mono Audio) 嚜盥mzmusic (Mono Audio) 嚜盥mzmusic (Stereo Audio) LUCKYMIA-PC (Mono Audio) Periferní zařízení Bluetooth Bose Mini SoundLink (Stereo Audio) Philips BT100 (Mono Audio) Philips BT100 (Stereo Audio) VDR3900BT (Stereo Audio) Clip Music 801 (Mono Audio) Clip Music 801 (Stereo Audio) MA-826 (Mono Audio) MINI A8 (Stereo Audio) Octava (Mono Audio) Bluetooth 免提音频设备 HB-201 (Stereo Audio) HB-201 (Mono Audio) TM-010 (Stereo Audio) Caselogic hdst (Mono Audio) Sweex AVSP3200 (Stereo Audio) GREENTECH (Stereo Audio) GREENTECH (Mono Audio) BT 56 (Stereo Audio) BT 56 (Mono Audio) Bluetooth Speaker (Mono Audio) A4tech Bluetooth 3.0 Headset 500 (Mono Audio) A4tech Bluetooth 3.0 Headset 500 (Stereo Audio) CH-215 (Mono Audio) CH-215 (Stereo Audio) SBH52 (Mono Audio) SBH52 (Stereo Audio) SBKN 4.0 A1 (Mono Audio) SBKN 4.0 A1 (Stereo Audio) LH-811 (Mono Audio) LH-811 (Stereo Audio) xqisit BH100 (Mono Audio) SONY:SRS-X2 (Stereo Audio) Motorola HS850 (Mono Audio) Philips SHB3060 (Mono Audio) B97 (Mono Audio) B97 (Stereo Audio) JBL Flip 2 (Stereo Audio) JBL Flip 2 (Mono Audio) BeatsStudio Wireless (Mono Audio) BeatsStudio Wireless (Stereo Audio) Lendex-LD-CS111B (Stereo Audio) Lendex-LD-CS111B (Mono Audio) SPK-1205 (Mono Audio) SPK-1205 (Stereo Audio) BQ-968 (Mono Audio) BQ-968 (Stereo Audio) B560 (Mono Audio) B560 (Stereo Audio) BT310REV (Mono Audio) BT310REV (Stereo Audio) TM-010 (Mono Audio) I4 (Stereo Audio) I4 (Mono Audio) lemfo (Mono Audio) lemfo (Stereo Audio) M-1800 SBT (Stereo Audio) Essb_Too Go (Mono Audio) Essb_Too Go (Stereo Audio) Nokia BH-104 (Mono Audio) HBS730 (Mono Audio) P253BT (Mono Audio) SPORT-S9 (Stereo Audio) AUSDOM M07 (Mono Audio) DF-BT8028 (Mono Audio) DF-BT8028 (Stereo Audio) Wireless Headset (Mono Audio) JBL GO (Stereo Audio) JBL GO (Mono Audio) Jabra CLIPPER (Stereo Audio) Jabra CLIPPER (Mono Audio) xqisit BH100 (Stereo Audio) SB150 (Stereo Audio) SB150 (Mono Audio) LN722T (Audio Sink) Jabra ROX Wireless v2.9.0 (Audio Sink) HM-BT001 (Mono Audio) HM-BT001 (Stereo Audio) SB200 (Stereo Audio) Philips SHB3060 (Stereo Audio) T7500 (Stereo Audio)