AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES MEDIA Drivers Download

In our share libs contains the list of AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES MEDIA drivers available for download. To download the proper driver by vender name.

If not found in our garage driver you need, please contact us, we will help you in time, and updates to our website.

All Devices

Realtek High Definition Audio Bluetooth Hands-free Audio IDT High Definition Audio CODEC NVIDIA High Definition Audio Microsoft Streaming Clock Proxy Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager Proxy AMD High Definition Audio Device Dispositivo de High Definition Audio High Definition Audio-Gerät SAA7130 TV Card Устройство с поддержкой High Definition Audio AVerMedia H339 Hybrid Analog/DVBT Urządzenie zgodne ze standardem High Definition Audio Аудио кодеки USB2.0 Camera Audio Áudio do vídeo Intel(R) Proxy di gestione qualità di flusso Microsoft AVerMedia A313 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T TV AVerMedia A310 (MiniCard, DVB-T) Creative SB X-Fi AVerMedia M135-A PCI Analog AVerMedia A323 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC AVerMedia A328 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/SBTD-T Conexant High Definition SmartAudio HD2 AVerMedia M798 PCIe Pure Analog AVerMedia A827 USB Hybrid DVB-T Périphérique audio haute définition FlyTV Prime 30 AVerMedia A320 MiniCard Pure ISDB-T (PBDA) AVerMedia A323 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia M733A PCI Analog AVerMedia A373 MiniCard Dual DVB-T AVerMedia A329 MiniCard Dual ISDB-T (PBDA) AVerMedia M791 PCIe Combo NTSC/ATSC HP DVB-T/Analog TV Tuner AVerMedia A835 USB DVB-T AVerMedia A325 MiniCard Hybrid ISDBT/S AVerMedia H727 PCIe Hybrid DVBT HDMI Capture Device AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM Video Capture (7133/7135) AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM TvTuner AVerMedia A805 (USB, DVB-T) AVerMedia H789 PCI-E Hybrid DVB-T SAA7134 TV Card HP DVB-T TV Tuner AVerMedia H323 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC Philips SAA713X, Hybrid Capture Device AVerMedia A859 Pure DVBT AVerMedia M15H PCI Analog AVerMedia R889 USB DVB-S2 AVerMedia A319 MiniCard Pure ISDBT AVerMedia H830 USB DVB-T AVerMedia H323 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia A188 PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT Pinnacle PCTV 110i Capture Device AVerMedia M113 PCI Analog TV (PAL/SECAM/FM) AVerMedia C039 USB Capture Card AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T) AVerMedia Infrared Receiver AVerMedia A369 MiniCard Combo ISDBT/S AVerMedia M766 PCI Pure Analog Philips SAA7133/35, Hybrid Capture Device AVerMedia A857 USB Pure ISDB-Tb AVerMedia A336 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T AVerDVD EZMaker WDM Video Capture AVerMedia H752 TV Tuner Card AVerMedia A779 PCIe Combo ISDBT/S AVerMedia A320N MiniCard Pure ISDBT AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM Video Capture (7130) AVerMedia A360 MiniCard Pure ISDBT AVerMedia C127 Extreme PCIe HD Capture Device AVerMedia M151 PCI Analog AVerMedia A326 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia A316 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia A827A USB Pure Analog AVerMedia M16H PCI Analog AVerMedia M135 PCI TV Tuner AVerMedia H830 USB Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia Hybrid H/W MPEG Card, M115S (DVBT/NTSC/PAL/SECAM) AVerMedia M156 PCI Analog Behold TV 609 FM AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM Video Capture (7134) AVerMedia A327 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC AVerMedia A16E PCI Hybrid DVBT AVerMedia A700 (DVB-S and NTSC/PAL/SECAM/FM) AVerMedia M15C PCI Analog AVerMedia AVerTV MPEG Encoder AVerMedia AVerTV AvStream Audio Capture AVerMedia AVerTV Tuner (Multi-system, Europe) AVerMedia AVerTV MPEG Crossbar (Dual-Input) AVerMedia AVerTV MPEG Video Capture AVerMedia A756 PCIe Pure DVB-T AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC YUAN MC763M/MC763H Hybrid Analog/DVB-T AVerMedia M799 PCIe Hybrid SBTD-T AVerMedia C985 PCIe Live Gamer HD AVerMedia M733 PCI Analog AVerMedia A770 PCIe Pure ISDB-T (PBDA) AVerMedia H788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/ATSC AVerMedia H751 Hybrid Analog/DVB-T AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia M17H PCI Analog AVerMedia H777 Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia A16AR PCI DVB-T Integrated HP HDTV Hybrid TV Tuner AVerMedia M039 USB Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia M113 PCI Analog TV (PAL/SECAM) AVerMedia E554R (ExpressCard, DVB-T) AVerMedia M799 PCIe Analog HP ATSC/Analog TV Tuner AVerMedia C038 USB Capture Card Philips TV7135 WDM Video Capture AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM Video Capture (Silicon) AVerMedia A311 Mini-Card Dual DVBT Philips SAA7134 WDM Capture M779 PCIe PAL/SECAM/DVB-T Desktop TV Tuner (Video Capture) M779 PCIe PAL/SECAM/DVB-T Desktop TV Tuner (Tuner) M779 PCIe PAL/SECAM/DVB-T Desktop TV Tuner (Bridge) AVerMedia AVerTV MCE 116 Plus AVerMedia A306 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia M10CS MiniPCI Pure ATSC AVerMedia Hybrid H/W MPEG Card, M115 (DVBT/NTSC/PAL/SECAM/FM) AVerMedia H753 Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia H335 MiniCard DVB-T Philips SAA7134, Hybrid Capture Device AVerMedia H788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/DVBT Mercury TV Card 7130 Integrated HP Digital + Analog Hybrid TV Tuner AVerMedia TV Tuner Card, M156 (PCI, PAL/SECAM/FM) FlyTV Prime 33/35 GOTVIEW SAA7134 Video Capture AVerMedia A16D PCI Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia M104 mini-PCI Analog TV AVerMedia H339 Hybrid Analog/ATSC/QAM Behold TV 409 FM AVerMedia M780 PCIe NTSC/ATSC Combo TV Tuner (Capture) AVerMedia M780 PCIe NTSC/ATSC Combo TV Tuner (Tuner) AVerMedia M780 PCIe NTSC/ATSC Combo TV Tuner (Bridge) SAA7231 Triple Capture DVBS2 Device AVerMedia A867 USB DVB-T AVerMedia A365 MiniCard Combo ISDBT/S AVerMedia H751 Hybrid Analog/ATSC Princeton PCA-RCU AVerMedia A833 USB Pure Analog AVerMedia A780 PCIe Combo ISDBT/S AVerMedia A852 USB DMB-TH AVerMedia H869 USB Hybrid ISDB-Tb KWorld TV7133 WDM Video Capture AVerMedia H788 PCIe Analog AVerMedia A350 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC TV AVerMedia H826 USB Hybrid ATSC/QAM AVerMedia A706 PCI DVB-S A306 MiniCard PAL/SECAM/DVB-T TV Tuner AVerMedia A850 USB DVBT AVerMedia A313 MiniCard Pure Analog AVerMedia A317D Mini-Card ATSC AVerMedia A827AC USB Pure Analog AVerMedia H324 MiniCard Hybrid DMB-TH AVerMedia A750 PCIe DTMB AVerMedia C027 PCIe HD Capture Device AVerMedia HC81R PCI-e Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia A336 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC/QAM AVerMedia M792 PCIe Pure Analog AVerMedia H837 USB Hybrid ATSC/QAM AVerMedia A816 USB Hybrid DVB-S AVerMedia A898F MiniCard SBTVD 1-Seg SAA7133 TV Card AVerMedia H797 PCI-E Combo NTSC/ATSC AVerMedia A815 (USB, DVB-T) AVerMedia A808 (USB, DVB-T) AVerMedia A366 MiniCard Dual ISDB-T (PBDA) AVerMedia A700 PCI Hybrid DVB-S AVerMedia A16A/A16AR PCI Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia A835B USB DVB-T AVerMedia A301 (MiniCard, NTSC/PAL/SECAM/DVB-T/FM) AVerMedia A707 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT/DVBS AVerMedia A177 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT AVerMedia A307 PCIe Hybrid NTSC/ATSC AVerMedia A706 PCI Hybrid DVB-S AVerMedia A868 USB ATSC AVerMedia Hybrid Dual TV Express A177 AVerMedia M115S MiniPCI Hybrid DVBT AVerMedia A756U PCIe Pure DVB-T AVerMedia H339 Hybrid Analog/SBTVD AVerTV Hybrid+FM Volar (A828) VideoMate TV Capture AVerMedia DVBT Network Tuner AVerMedia H968 Hybrid Analog/DVB-T AVerMedia A300 (MiniCard, DVB-T) AVerMedia Live Gamer HD Series Device AVerMedia M113 PCI Analog TV (NTSC) AVerMedia M115 MiniPCI Hybrid DVBT M779 Tuner TV Interne PAL/SECAM/TNT PCIexpress (Video Capture) M779 Tuner TV Interne PAL/SECAM/TNT PCIexpress (Tuner) M779 Tuner TV Interne PAL/SECAM/TNT PCIexpress (Bridge) AVerMedia A188C PCIe Pure ATSC AVerMedia H868 USB Hybrid SBTD-T KWorld TV7130 WDM Video Capture AVerMedia M103 MiniPCI Hybrid DVB-T AVerTV Hybrid Volar Max - TV Starter Kit for Windows AVerMedia H339 Hybrid Analog/ATSC KWorld TV7134 WDM Video Capture LifeView FlyTV Prime 30 AVerMedia A313 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T AVerMedia E506 (CardBus, Hybrid DVB-T and NTSC/PAL/SECAM/FM) AVerMedia, AVerTV Video Capture (Philips 1216 MK5 Tuner) AVerMedia H753 Hybrid Analog/DTMB AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable AVerMedia A757 PCIe Hybrid DVB-T/T2 AVerMedia Live Gamer HD Series AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 AVerMedia H823 USB Hybrid ISDB-Tb KWS Video capture device AVerMedia H831 USB Hybrid DVB-T/T2 AVerMedia C729 PCIe HD Capture Device HP DTMB/Analog TV tuner FlyTV Platinum35 mini2 AVerMedia H334 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T PVR-TV PC155-A DTV-DVB 3057m, Hybrid Capture Device AVerMedia A188 PCIe Duo Pure DVBT AVerMedia A331 MiniCard Hybrid ISDB-Tb AVerMedia M757 Pure Analog AVerMedia A700 PCI DVB-S AVerMedia A328 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DTMB AVerMedia A717 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT/DVBC/DVBS MSI Streaming Engine JBL GO Hands-Free AVerMedia H829 USB Hybrid ISDB-Tb AVerMedia, AVerTV WDM Video Capture (E500) AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture (M104) AVerTV Volar HD 2 AVerMedia H339 Hybrid Analog/SBTD-T AVerMedia A16D (Hybrid DVB-T and NTSC/PAL/SECAM/FM) AVerMedia C725B PCIe Capture Card AVerMedia H735 Hybrid Analog/DVB-T AVerMedia H752S TV Tuner Card